What is the Difference Between PGDBA and MBA?

Business apprentices are spoilt for options. If anything, these ‘would-be’ students are bombarded with so many choices of business degrees that it’s extremely easy to get lost and confused.

A frequently asked question by many students is: Is this program right for me or will this degree give me an added advantage?

And how can aspirants answer it when there are too many equivalent degrees with alternate names or alternate degrees with equivalent names?

Let us help you demystify the world of business education for you. Read along to find the similarities and differences between MBA and PGDBA.

Complete names of the programs are as follows:

  • MBA - Masters in Business Administration
  • PGDBA - Post Graduation Diploma in Business Administration

Both programs are equivalent to each other.

Yes, you read it right! But there are some technicalities involved. Let’s look at them one by one. Also, both the programs are quite similar in educational requirements in some cases, but not always.




It is important to remember that PGDBA has less stringent admission criteria as compared to an MBA. Although there is one major differentiating factor, the legal structure resulting in the designation of the degree or diploma is quite different.

In India, all accredited universities can give degrees. Then too individual institutes design their own courses according to industry feedback and hence they are not under the UGC (University Grants Commission), which means they cannot offer degrees and hence they offer diplomas.

Note: The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) on the other hand, is responsible for setting and maintaining the standards for technical education centres.

MBA course

Difference between MBA and PGDBA


MBA - Masters in Business Administration

PGDBA - Post Graduation Diploma in Business Administration

An MBA refers to a master's degree in business administration recognised and awarded by universities around the world. This degree is a popular academic entry into the corporate management domain. A PGDBA is a post-graduate diploma in business administration which is awarded by technical institutions in India who are not authorised by the state to award an MBA degree.
In India, degrees are proprietary to universities. However,  being a part of the university system also means that the course structure is rather rigid and constant industry updates are out of the question, often requiring long bureaucratic procedures. On the other hand, PGDBA allows flexibility in the curriculum. Institutes keep on updating the curriculum regularly according to industry needs and standards.
Aspirants looking for this course can opt from various traditional specialisations such as Supply Chain, Human Resource, Marketing, Finance, etc. PGDBA courses offer newer specialisations in the fields of Blockchain, Digital Marketing, Data Science and much more.
MBA is a mix of theoretical learning and practical exercises, but the focus lies on theories and concepts. Though the course is similar to MBA, PGDBA emphasises on practical learning, case studies and live projects for better understanding of the corporate world.


While a PGDBA has gained widespread recognition in India, at par with the recognition of an MBA., outside of India, its slow and steady rise is lucid. Hence, it would be safe to say that whichever course you choose, it will prove to be a benefit in your career. Finally, it all comes down to flexibility and options in the curriculum.


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