What are the Career Opportunities in Container Terminal Management?

People who are wishing to organise, supervise and manage the functions of the port in a streamlined manner should consider pursuing masters in container terminal management. Thanks to globalisation and enticement of sea routes, more and more companies are embracing the ideologies of port management, thus resulting in a growing number of jobs in this sector.

However, do I really need masters to be successful in this field is a common concern among many aspirants. The answer is simple. Port and shipping management represents an essential role in international trade and commerce, and it requires a lot of brain for lifting the freight, managing operations and do everything on a timely basis.

SCDL Container terminal management


In the shipping industry, you have to organise, supervise and get the ports functioning through synchronising deliveries with ships, handling the ship and logistics operations, marketing and developing the port, enforcing security initiatives and handling on spot critical operations.

You are expected to have all the required skills and more. Though masters is not a mandatory requirement, it can certainly give you ample knowledge to increase your productivity and augment the core management skills to help you lead the challenging shipping industry.

What are the career opportunities after Diploma in Container Terminal Management?

India is the 16th largest maritime country in the world with 95% of India's trading being done through maritime transport. To suffice this demand, railways and shipping industry hires millions of people with a promise of a continuous learning environment and development.

With globalisation and boost in the international trade, the opportunities in the career path of individuals in the shipping industry have grown tremendously. Here are the names of a few domains where you can land your dream job.

  • Merchant navy
  • Freight department
  • Bulk carrier department
  • Cruise ships
  • Shipping Companies
  • Railway and Defence Departments
  • Import & Export Firms Etc.

Usually, the career trajectory* after the PG Diploma looks like this: Shipping Manager -> Senior Shipping Manager -> Port Manager.
*Career trajectory is dependent on subject proficiency and skills.

Top recruiters in this field are-

  • Essar shipping
  • Global offshore
  • GE Shipping
  • Mercator
  • ABG Shipyard
  • Tradex Shipping
  • Maritime Pvt Ltd
  • Ultratech Cement, etc.

Diploma in Container Terminal Management at Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning


SCDL Container terminal management course


DCTM at SCDL will open gates for huge career opportunities in the high growth sectors of Port & Terminal Management. The expertise gained by the students from this program extends from general management and functional specialisation to sectorial specialisation. The students get prepared to solve critical management problems emerging within shipping and transportation sectors through the application of multi-disciplinary professional knowledge.



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Among the other USPs of the course, here are a few highlights of SCDL’s DCTM.

  • The program builds a solid foundation through an understanding of terminal and port strategies, processes and operations management.
  • It infuses maritime knowledge to increase the terminal’s efficiency and profitability.
  • It provides an opportunity for vertical growth.
  • It provides competencies in space management and logistics.
  • It also focuses on commercial management, freight management, import-export and terminal operations.

The sky is the only limit in terms of pay packages of shipping and port managers. Apart from the 7 figure remuneration, the port managers are also privileged with additional facilities of medical benefits, retirement plans and concession on house rents, etc. So choose your career wisely.

For more details on SCDL’s DCTM program.
Visit: https://admissions.scdl.net/scdladmission2019_DCTM/