What are the Career Opportunities after Diploma in English Language Teaching?

One of the ways of learning a language well is to prepare oneself to teach it. Diploma in English Language Teaching program trains students to learn different aspects of the English language, from a teacher's point of view, individuals who wish to teach English may opt for this program.

DELT (Diploma in English Language Teaching) bridges the gap between theory and practice in the methodology of teaching English. The program also aims at developing reading skills, writing skills and English vocabulary in order to produce teaching professionals of global standards.


Career Opportunities in English Language Teaching

After completing this course, prospects will develop a clear understanding of English teaching. The course will help to effectively teach English, besides improving one's own English language skills.

Outsourcing agencies (BPOs and KPOs) have also thrown many job opportunities for English knowing candidates. And apart from the regular jobs, DELT also enables students for well-paid jobs in TV, journalism, radio, film, drama and publishing as associate editors and writers.


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A New Era of Teaching

Online teaching platforms like Udemy, Unacademy, Khan Academy, Coursera, and especially YouTube have completely changed the teaching game. When the class expands from 50 students to 5 million students, possibilities stretch across the globe. Not only does it benefit in skill enhancement but also contributes to huge earnings.


DELT - Diploma in English Language Teaching

Remuneration & Payment Package

Remuneration and packages are varied from job to job among English knowing candidates. Both government and private institutes offer 30k and more per month as an initial salary, depending on the skills.

Apart from the teaching institutions, tourism industry also hires teachers and interpreters who earn more than 30k per month as initial salaries.

College lecturers are getting Rs 50, 000 to Rs 70, 000 per month after the implementation of the sixth pay commission. However, the lucrative remuneration is handsomely availed by the media fraternity. The TV anchors, editors, and other persons are getting fat paychecks.

So if you have a passion for the English language and are ready to explore teaching as a career option, Diploma in English Language Teaching can certainly be a great addition to your professional career growth.

For course details click here http://www.scdl.net/distance-learning-diploma-in-teaching-english.aspx