Renewable Energy: Why and How can I learn this course in India?

With technological advancements and sophistication, the Indian Power Sector, during the last few years, has been demanding trained workforce. Also, with the recent green pact and countrywide green initiatives, India is likely to surpass 175 GW of renewable energy target by 2022.


Renewable energy distance learning course

How can you benefit from this growth?

The technical knowledge you will acquire from a masters diploma or degree will create your necessary foundation. You will be supplemented with the relevant skills to function efficiently at every stage of planning, designing, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance, transmission and distribution of power supply industry.

So is there a viable career in India in this field? Let us find out.

To build adequate technical capacity, develop economically viable energy sector and compliance of laudable objectives of Government of India, adequate energy managers at all levels is a prerequisite. As a result, the career prospects are very bright in India.

Renewable energy offers a critical solution to India's rising fuel prices, energy insecurity, and other environmental & climate-related problems. As per Business Standard, India ranked 5th in the world for job creation in the field of renewable energy in 2016. Also, by the look at the government's shift, it is easy to say that India's clean energy goals have the potential to create 300, 000 new jobs by 2020.

What are the career opportunities in this filed?

Career in Renewable energy


Renewable energy projects require a workforce with a diverse skillset. There are job opportunities for ecologists, biologists, physicists, geologists, architectural and structural engineers, planners and project managers to computer science or electrical engineers, communications professionals, business developers and even pilots.

Initially, the power industry was overwhelmingly filled with engineers and scientists, but over the last decade, a significant shift has been visible in different job roles, and majorly it is tilted towards people with marketable skills.

So if you are interested in making a career in this field, without a doubt, it will be a right move towards a bright future.

How to enrol for a renewable energy management course?

There are a few notable institutes in the country like Symbiosis and IGNOU. Curriculum, methodology, eligibility criteria and course duration will vary from institute to institute. So choose whatever suits you best.

How is PGDREM at SCDL?


SCDL Renewable energy course


Symbiosis recognised the need for a trained workforce who are readily available to the power sector in line with its present and future requirements. That is why SCDL, in consultation with industry experts, have created PGDREM.

Post Graduate Diploma in Renewable Energy Management at SCDL aims to develop competency in the areas of energy policymaking, financing, energy management, auditing and infrastructure provisioning. Here are a few highlights of the program:

  • PGDREM benefits from experiential learning, which transforms "global" and "innovative" concepts.
  • The course prepares you for leadership positions in the global energy economy.
  • The program bridges the gap between renewable energy engineering, financial planning, and environmental analysis.
  • It specifically focuses on business development management (Renewable Energy), consulting, investment in renewable energy and project management.

The main aim of this course is to create a pool of technically trained workforce readily available to take challenges head-on and lead sustainable ways through energy and environmental management.

To know the eligibility structure, validity, and fees about this course, follow the link - Post Graduate Diploma in Renewable Energy Management



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