Is Distance Education Valid for Private Jobs?

The value of a distance education degree/diploma/certificate comes to scrutiny when the doubt of employment opportunities looms over. From a student's point of view, the degree/diploma/certificate’s value is directly proportional to its return on investment (ROI). So if a student invests his/her time, money and energy in a distance learning program, he/she expects an excellent job, a promotion or a significant salary hike in the existing firm.

So, how do distance learning programs score? Let's look at this article to clarify all the doubts over the validity of distance learning programs for private and government jobs.

Let's make one thing clear!
‘Distance education is valid for all Government and private jobs’.


Distance education career


How does distance education work?

Distance education is a mode of learning, which is fully recognised by the Government, and all its properties, functions and working methodology has the approval of the Government.

Since 2012, all distance learning courses are regulated by the University Grants Commission (UGC)

Whom is it suitable for?


Distance education student


Distance learning programs are designed to cater to the academic needs of working professionals and students alike. Students living in remote and far-flung areas who lack access to quality higher education facilities often opt for distance learning courses.

With the advancement in technology, today's online programs are vast and readily available over the internet – through online lectures, chat rooms and virtual classrooms.

The whole learning experience of distance learning programs has turned flexible and convenient for people, regardless of where they live, as long as they have access to the internet.

What are the institutional facilities available for distance learning in India?

There is one central Open University in India (Indira Gandhi National Open University – IGNOU, New Delhi), 13 state-level Open Universities and one state-level private Open University which offer distance learning courses to students in the country.

Renowned B-schools like Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning and others have also made a name in the industry with numerous success stories. More than 25% of India's total student population is enrolled for distance education programs with various central, state and open universities.



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What are the job prospects through distance learning programs?


Private-Government jobs after Distance Education


There is no denial that campus-based programs offer lucrative packages to its students. For instance, the average salary package offered to fresh graduates (2018-2019) of SCMHRD (one of the top colleges in India that offers regular campus-based programs in management) varied between Rs. 10 lakh and Rs. 20 lakh per annum.

In contrast, here's an insight into the kind of job profiles and salary packages of fresh post-graduates pursuing distance-based programs from renowned institutions.

  • Customer Relationship Management at Rs. 4.8 LPA
  • Data Engineer at Rs. 5-6.5 LPA
  • Logistics Manager at Rs. 6-7 LPA

This means that distance education still has a long way to go and achieve as far as job placements are concerned.

However, that's not the whole truth. The job opportunities that a distance education offer might pale in front of the packages offered to regular pass outs, but if we take a similar look at the ROI, distance learning programs perform reasonably well.

On average, a distance learning program has 90 per cent lower fees than campus-based programs.

According to recent statistics, more and more people are opting for distance learning programs because of lower fees and the flexibility it offers. Working professionals in companies like Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte Consulting, HUL, ITC, Cognizant, Amazon, Maruti Suzuki, DHL, etc. are consistently upskilling for better individual and organisational growth. So, if doubts are hovering on your decisions, distance programs can definitely clear them.

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