How can a Student Counselling Course enhance your Skills even further?

In a rapidly changing socio-economic environment, the children are always under stress. It has created a need for school counsellors at all levels of school education. Thus school counsellors have become vital members of the education team and are responsible for the mental well being of the students.

Before going into that what skills does a school counsellor need, you need to know who a counsellor is? And what does he/she do?

SCDL Counsellor program - Distance learning

Who is a counsellor?

A school counsellor is someone who helps students by supporting them when they experience emotional difficulties and guides them on personal, career, lifestyle, and relationship issues.

What are the work objectives of a counsellor?

A school counsellor works with individuals and groups to improve their mental health and well-being. Apart from it, there are other essential job functions are as follows:

A counsellor-

  • Helps people define goals, plan actions and gain insights
  • Develops pathways to the purpose via different alternatives
  • Acts as a facilitator to reach goals
  • Takes care of holistic (mind and body) health
  • Uses analysed data to make correctional points


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To help people, advanced counselling professionals need a diverse range of skill sets such as:

1) Flexibility - Professional counsellors must be prepared to adapt to different approaches. Then only they can devise and implement effective treatment plans and therapeutic goals.

2) Interpersonal communication - A professional counsellor will always be in need to articulate his/her thoughts professionally, as well as to listen and comprehend the opinions expressed by their clients.

3) Cultural competency - As a counsellor, it is very common to be assigned clients of various ethnic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. As a counsellor, you will need to how to navigate the different belief systems and unique cultural issues of diverse populations.

4) Empathy - Empathy helps build trust, thereby opening the door for unguarded conversation between the client and the counsellor.

5) Advocacy - By learning how to advocate for others, professional counsellors can become better at helping clients secure the support needed to improve life’s circumstances.

What is unique about the Post Graduate Diploma in School Counselling at Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning?

PGDSC at SCDL will build concepts of child psychology, abnormal psychology and learning difficulties. It will enable you to identify the psychological needs of the school children & provide support & guidance.


SCDL Student Counselling


Aspirants enrolling for this program will learn basic counselling techniques and methods of psychological testing. Here a few highlights of the program:

  • The program will develop the understanding and competencies required to counsel students.
  • It focuses on theoretical & practical knowledge relevant to effective counselling, guidance practice and roles.
  • It will imbibe and integrate therapeutic techniques and psychological principles.
  • The program will provide you with a professional certification to practice as a counsellor.

After completing this PG diploma in school counselling, a candidate can work as a student counsellor, rehabilitation counsellor, mental health counsellor or career counsellor. So if you are passionate about helping people and encouraging them to find paths to make positive changes in their lives, then this course is best suited for you.


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