Can I Pursue a PG While Doing a Full-time job?

Of course, you can!

Part-time or distance learning can be two options to pursue PG programs while working. It may not be as intense as a full-time progam, but it's just as challenging. For many people, the idea of going back to college or university while working a full-time job can be daunting. Managing study schedules alongside a full-time job requires a high level of planning and prioritisation. While some students would choose not to work, there is a massive group of students who are balancing a job while studying for a PG program.

Let's read further to know how a PG program while doing a full-time job can shape your career.


Pursue a PG while doing a full-time job

Pros of studying while doing a full-time job:

  • It can easily fit around work and family commitments.
  • It can boost your employment prospects and your salary.
  • A part-time or distance learning PG is considerably less expensive than a regular one.
  • Time, money and place are flexible in a part-time or distance learning PG.
  • Employers may be willing to wholly or partially fund your course.
  • All recognised institutes offer AICTE-approved diplomas and certificates which are accepted in industries as well.

Cons of studying while doing a full-time job:

  • Part-time programs may not be as intense as full-time, but they’re just as challenging.
  • A part-time or distance learning PG can't provide classroom discussions and hands-on practical learning.

The key to a part-time or distance programs' success is going into it with your eyes open. It is going to provide complexities and challenges, but if you have the focus to succeed, the part-time study will definitely shape your career and expand your horizons.



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While doing a full-time job, what you will need is a strategy. Here are a few tips that can guide you through the process.


pursue PG while doing full-time job


1. Start early morning

Studying at night when you reach your home in an exhausted state might let you believe that you are studying, but actually, your mind will be grasping very less. So study early in the morning.

2. Keep offline study material in your mobile phones

Downloading study material in your phone will let you study them in your free time even at your office or during short breaks. It will give you a pleasant refreshment from your regular office work too.

3. Study easy topics or interesting ones at night

Before going to sleep, devote 1–2 hour of your time to studies depending upon your ability. Choose topics and chapters that are not complex in language or conceptual understanding.

4. Make the most of your weekends

Don't devote entire weekends to your studies. Your mind needs to be refreshed too. However, if you are enjoying 5-10 hours on those days, then spend equal time on your studies as well.

Technology is making it simpler to study while working, with more institutions offering online options such as IGNOU, AMU, SCDL, etc. More and more freshers are going for regular jobs and then pursuing masters or PG programs through part-time or distance learning to gain work experience and higher education at the same time.

Hence, if you have decided to pursue a PG program while working, don’t alter your decision.



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