7 Tips to Stay Productive When Studying at Home

Studying from home is perhaps the easiest way to learn if only dealt with seriously. “You are accountable for your work” poses the biggest challenge for a stay-at-home student. On one hand, setting your schedule can easily lead to some bad habits and massive procrastination, while on the other it can boost your performance and give required results in lesser time.

7 Tips to stay productive when studying at home-_3


Let’s read tested methods on how to focus on studying at home.

1. Log off! – Befriend your enemy


Log off! – Befriend your enemy


Don’t think of phones, tablets, TVs, computers and gaming consoles as your enemy. Instead, use them to increase your productivity. While games can improve your concentration and decision-making skills, a few helpful apps can give you ample of rejuvenation from hours of mundane study.

So put your phone in a drawer, or another room when you are studying. Moreover, use it when you are taking an extended break or when you are done with the daily portion. Don’t worry, Facebook will still be there when you get back!

2. Use the rule of three - Breakdown your goals into smaller pieces of work

Breakdown your goals into smaller pieces of work


The rule of three says that you have to get three things done. Make a to-do list and only put the next three things you have to do on it. Cross it once you finish it (make it satisfying). Once you are done with one list, create your next list. Make sure that each item is small enough that you can finish it quickly and effectively.

3. Make a study timetable – Stick to a routine


Study timetable

Prepare a weekly study timetable. Your schedule could include the time you should go to bed, the time you should have your meals, time for breaks and relaxation and – most importantly – the time you should spend on studies. Allow for some flexibility depending on how things go. Test your schedule for a month and try different timings if your plan doesn’t produce optimum results.

4. Don’t multitask – Don’t be a jack of all trades


take a break while studying


Surfing the internet or reading a note while walking down the street is a common sight. However, did you know that multitasking isn’t only bad for productivity (yes, bad!) But also bad for your brain?

Studying requires focus; a lot of it. One of the best ways to stop yourself attempting to multitask is the ‘Pomodoro’ technique. The idea is to set a timer or alarm clock for 25 minutes and focus on just one task during that interval (called ‘Pomodoro’). After each task, take a five-minute break.

5. Take sensible breaks – Having fun is also an integral task


Walk in a garden after pomodoro

After your ‘Pomodoro’, a sensible break is what you will need. However, checking social media during your breaks don’t count though; you should do something off-screen, so your eyes get a chance to relax. Walk in or around the house and catch some fresh air in the garden or roof. If the weather isn’t good outside, you could also do a few simple yoga stretches and postures.

6. Learn to say no – No means no!

study at home

Take some bold steps. It is better to limit a few social activities to one day per week, which will help you save some money as well. If someone is asking you to accompany them to hang out at the mall when you should be studying, tell them you’re busy, or if you like to watch cinema every week, try to limit it to once a fortnight. In short: learn to say no when you know you really should.

7. Reward yourself - Do whatever you like


Reward yourself


Don’t forget to reward yourself for all your hard work. This gives you something to look forward to and helps strengthen your motivation to work productively. Rewards can be anything from a piece of chocolate to one round of your favourite gameplay.

Apart from these productive study tips getting up early to start your day, exercising, and going out with friends once a week are also a few tips you should keep in mind.

Hopefully, these tips will help transform you into a super-productive version of yourself and help you on the #HighwayToSuccess



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